Re-certification for EuRA Global Quality Seal for the fourteenth year

10 Jan 2023 | Icon news

After an extensive external audit of Icon and our processes, we are delighted to have been successfully re-certified by the European Relocation Association for the Global Quality Seal (EGQS), one of only seven relocation companies in the UK to hold this status. We are also the longest holders of the Global Quality Seal, having been first certified in 2008 and holding it consecutively for the 14 years since, demonstrating our long-term commitment to providing quality relocation services that meet (and often exceed) our clients’ needs and expectations.

What is EGQS and why should it matter to clients?

EGQS certification uses an ISO 9001 process management model to evaluate a company’s processes, including: setting goals to uphold quality; identifying and meeting KPIs; working to continuously improve services; as well as many other factors which are all necessary to ensure exceptional delivery of relocation services. The audit also takes heavily into account the current and continuously developing needs of clients to check that the delivery of services is appropriate and will meet the needs of clients in the current world.

Icon Relocation’s EGQS re-certification, therefore, means that:

  • Clients of Icon can be safe in the knowledge that we always provide high quality services
  • Our global destination services will be continuously monitored and improved to ensure we are achieving what matters to you
  • The management of your top talent has been developed with you in mind

A guarantee of quality is something you should expect as default from your relocation provider. The fact that Icon Relocation is one of only seven UK-based companies to be certified is both a testament to our ongoing commitment to our clients, as well a sign of the significant room for improvement in the relocation industry among many of our competitors.

How do we provide our quality services?

The auditor praised Icon for our ‘mature quality management system’, through which we continuously record, monitor and evaluate our performance and feedback to ensure we always receive, as the auditor noted, a ‘high degree of client and customer satisfaction’.

The auditor also applauded our ‘strong focus on innovation of products’. With our own in-house technology team developing brand-new, unique solutions for Icon to provide the best and most cost-effective services, innovation is one of our core values. One of our successes in this area is our proprietary case management system, MoveWise, through which we log and track all case data, connect with our clients’ own global mobility systems and for which we were delighted to be awarded Excellence in Technology in Analytics at the Re:Locate awards in June 2022.

Our ‘dedication to continuous improvement’ to the relocation industry was another key strength highlighted through the audit. Our CEO Simon Johnston is the current chair of the Association of Relocation Professionals (ARP) as well as a former chair of The International Relocation Association (TIRA) and works towards the improvement of the entire industry for the benefit of clients, including currently supporting the lobbying of the UK government to reduce the tax burden for companies relocating their talent into the UK.

We are very proud to have official confirmation that we are continuing to provide the highest quality of service to our valued clients, something we have always prided ourselves on as a company, and look forward to continuing to do so throughout 2023.

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