New corporate identity and global website for Icon Relocation

12 Sep 2023 | Icon news

Showcasing our global mobility service offer — ‘Together, for the journey’

Today, we have launched our new global website and corporate identity to better showcase our enhanced service offer.

Icon works with companies large and small to provide a wide range of tiered relocation services — from senior executive VIP support through to lump-sum self-service moves — all enabled by award-winning service and innovative in-house technology, alongside an independently audited global network of specialist partners.

The new website and identity are part of strategic plans to take the service quality and expertise we are recognised for and develop our business model, broadening our services, as well as providing new value-add enhancements and tools through our data and tech innovations.

Simon Johnston, Group Chief Executive and Founder explains:

“Our strategic business focus to provide fantastic service outcomes and invest in technological innovation means we are continuously evolving with market changes.

We’re constantly looking to harness the value-add service enhancements and insights our award-winning technology solutions provide so that we can create the highest quality, most personalised and responsive relocation experience possible for our clients and assignees.

The new logo, website and broader service offer are part of Icon’s ongoing strategic development plans. These have seen an increased focus on the development of our expert talent, as well as enhancements in compliance and sustainability credentials, and specialist service and global partnerships.”

Delivering on our new ‘Together, for the journey’ brand emphasis and service commitments we’ve also recently been awarded a Gold Ecovadis sustainability rating — scoring in the top 5% of all companies assessed.

The brand refresh, which features a new logo and website, come at an important time in Icon’s growth, Ben Carter, Icon’s Group Chief Commercial Officer explains:

“We know our clients recognise us for our consistency, reliability and responsiveness, for our pre-emptive approach, and for always focusing on the best solution and results, not the easiest.

Global mobility is a vital component of business and talent development, but although we’re well-known and regarded in the sector, we felt it was time our corporate presence demonstrated all that we have to offer.

We’re proud of our achievements, alongside our partners, and take pride in what we stand for as an organisation. We wanted to make sure we were showcasing who we are in the best possible way.”

Simon Johnston, Group Chief Executive and Founder continues:

“We’re really excited about our most recent technological innovation — our new Cosee app and Chatbot offering — and I’m exceptionally proud of our unique Gold Ecovadis sustainability award. It’s a real tribute to our hard work, care and attention to broader industry and partner standards.

Since I founded Icon in 2001, it’s been our aim to enjoy and take pride in what we do — being good at our job, delivering outstanding service with great outcomes.

It’s fantastic to see us grow from strength to strength where our amazing expert talent makes a positive difference to the global talent we help relocate, it’s a real privilege.”

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