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Global Data Management

As assignees work the globe, the data they generate is just as busy in the clouds of cyberspace. And as we know all to well, this creates a huge and variable combination of human need and virtual information you have to get right, on time, all the time.

Well the good news is this real life/data balancing act is about to become a whole lot easier. MoveWise, our ‘theory of everything’ programme, will bring these digital and personal worlds into one central and easily manageable space.

Each assignee will be looked after in a personal way, cocooned in compliant, sliceable and diceable data for accurate management and reporting. It’ll make your life better, assignees life better and our clients happier. What’s not to like? We think it’s a game changer. If you’d like to know more contact us for a demonstration.

For example of how services can be offered differently, follow the link below.

Our 'Theory of Everything'

One platform to address every service. Supported by complete 100% data management for assignees to access real-time data 27/4 from any device worldwide.

So how can this help you?

  • Full Case Management System - tracking every relocation regardless of service being provided
  • Business Travellers/New Hires/Graduates - In fact, supporting anyone relocating with a limited mobility package by world leading on-line solutions
  • Duty of Care - Digital solutions for assignee management; even those who are addressing their own housing needs
  • Home Search - 'Ideas board' of homes shared digitally before your relocation. Home search agenda provided on your phone/tablet and fully interactive and updated in real-time. Everything you need on any device
  • Property Management - Moving into a corporate property? Everything you need to know about the home is right there. All staff allocations, move-in & move-out dates tracked, tours of the home & more right at your fingertips
  • 'Live' Rent Map - Find out in real-time what the average rental price is, plus the available stock levels for over 6,000 locations through an interactive map
  • Assignee Login - Tailored to the service they are receiving
  • Online Area Guide - Have questions about your new location? It's all here…
  • GDPR - Assignee access 24/7 on all the data we hold. Additional data can be uploaded or removed as required
  • Reporting - Every data point logged on MoveWise is reportable. Simple of that…

MoveWise really is our 'Theory of Everything'. Ask for a demo to understand how this can help your relocation programme.


Managing properties correctly is essential to allow for any smooth relocation. Whether in the home for a few weeks or perhaps for many years, any problem can be reported through 24/7.

Your personalised link to our Property Maintenance System allows any party to report any issues that are not correct in your rental home. By just a few clicks, any problem, perhaps with supporting photos can be shared with instant response from our system to record the concern. Through our system, all matters will be addressed in the agreed timelines, plus the option of a true out of hours’ helpline to speak to person, if something is seen as serious.

Our PropertyHub solution is more than just an outstanding piece of software; however, staying in touch with us on any maintenance matter is only a few clicks away.


Any site visit to a property needs to ensure that everything is captured in perfect detail; both in writing and in photos. Our new TrackSmart system allows for just that.

Whether the visit is for a removals survey, inventory check in or regular site inspection, the combination of this software with our other internal processes allows for instant reporting. Take an example of a removal quote required urgently, as our surveyor leaves the client’s home, the full details of the removal requirements can be e-mailed through to the office for quicker, more accurate quotes back to you.

Accuracy and real-time reporting allows for perfect communication and an enhanced relocation experience. Ask for more details as to how this would enhance your relocation requirements.


Every e-mail, form, document, invoice, agenda, inventory and more, all located in a world leading digital ‘storage cabinet’ that allows for complete data compliance for GDPR and beyond.

DocuWare delivers document management and workflow automation software that enables us to digitise and optimise all our processes. Moving to a true paperless environment ensures remote access to all data whilst meeting the requirements of the most compliant client needs.

As DocuWare state themselves, the competitive advantage allows for world class –

  • Data Integrity
  • Inherent productivity
  • Enhanced Customer experience
  • Global Compliance with GDPR

Ask us for more information and how DocuWare benefits your relocation programmes.