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Our technology is there to make your life easier, not harder, it’s as simple as that.

We support you from start to finish with our technology

Technology only works if it’s easy to access, enhances the relocation experience and offers the information that is required in a timely fashion.

Our family of software is designed to support the relocation at every step. KeyPad, our personalised home search software allows the home search itinerary to be shared with the relocating assignee in real time. Feedback on the preferred properties can be reported back whilst still at the property with Instant Messaging built in to allow any questions to be answered immediately to anyone’s Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.


Introducing Keypad, the new interactive way to engage with your relocation.

Once a personalised link has been provided to you and bookmarked on your device, we can share a world of information with every assignee or corporate client, alongside 24/7 access to all your relocation data. Initial proposals and conversations over suitable homes to be considered prior to your arrival can be shared instantly and through a built in messaging system allowing easy conversations can be shared alongside our regular e-mails and phone calls.

When it’s time for your home search, the itinerary will be presented straight through to the SmartPhone or tablet, with photos, details and maps of all the properties booked for viewings clearly presented alongside times of the views. If on an accompanied home search, our team will be overseeing all communication and ensure that any changes to your itinerary are altered as required. However, if you are undertaking an unaccompanied search then you too can interact with our office team in real time to support your schedule. Need to change location or budget during your search? Not a problem, the new agenda will appear once completed.

Nothing replaces the great service we already offer our clients, however KeyPad is to ensure you have access to all the data you need at a moment’s notice.


Managing properties correctly is essential to allow for any smooth relocation. Whether in the home for a few weeks or perhaps for many years, any problem can be reported through 24/7.

Your personalised link to our Property Maintenance System allows any party to report any issues that are not correct in your rental home. By just a few clicks, any problem, perhaps with supporting photos can be shared with instant response from our system to record the concern. Through our system, all matters will be addressed in the agreed timelines, plus the option of a true out of hours’ helpline to speak to person, if something is seen as serious.

Our PropertyHub solution is more than just an outstanding piece of software; however, staying in touch with us on any maintenance matter is only a few clicks away.


Any site visit to a property needs to ensure that everything is captured in perfect detail; both in writing and in photos. Our new TrackSmart system allows for just that.

Whether the visit is for a removals survey, inventory check in or regular site inspection, the combination of this software with our other internal processes allows for instant reporting. Take an example of a removal quote required urgently, as our surveyor leaves the client’s home, the full details of the removal requirements can be e-mailed through to the office for quicker, more accurate quotes back to you.

Accuracy and real-time reporting allows for perfect communication and an enhanced relocation experience. Ask for more details as to how this would enhance your relocation requirements.


The world’s leading and best relocation case management system? We believe it is and with its own handful of awards, it seems that most of the industry feels the same way.

All the details surrounding the assignees relocation, relocation package, e-mails communication and contact details are all stored through the system ensuring that everyone with the business as well as our clients have the perfect backbone system in place.