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Move management

Ensuring the correct removal company is used anywhere in the world requires a considerable amount of knowledge, awareness of ‘on the ground’ issues as well as who is the best performing provider in that location globally. The solution is to work with Icon Relocation, one of the leading move management companies. Through a single survey completed by us, a range of global quotations can be obtained provided via a network of hundreds of removal companies and freight forwarders, providing a lower cost move wrapped up in an extremely simple process. Everything is managed by our award winning dedicated move management team and your single point of contact throughout.

Our network globally ensures we will always provide the best companies wherever you may be moving to or from. However, if you have a number of suppliers that you would like us to obtain quotes from in a comparison with other leading firms then let us know and we will always ensure your preferred companies are contacted.

Supported by our exceptionally competitive insurance rates, which we believe will save you even more money, you remain fully in control of your removals whether moving domestically or internationally, plus our expertise ensures the best companies globally are always used.

Whether moving from Australia to Angola or UK to USA, we have the perfect solutions in place. Ask us for more details or a quote; the savings could be only a call or e-mail away.

I only have good things to say about them. They are fantastic. Would I recommend them? Absolutely. In fact they moved me.
M. H. – Regional Vendor Manager, Energy Company