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Icon and You

Icon Relocation has a reputation for managing one type of relocation perfectly. Yours.

Ensuring that we deliver year on year for our clients is not just good business sense, it’s part of our company culture. Each year an independent company completes a survey with all our major clients to understand their views on our service, our product range as well as requesting them to offer us an overall score on how they rate us and whether they would recommend us to other companies.

With this being addressed by a separate company to ourselves, a true image of the quality of our service becomes clear. So, how are we doing? Pretty good, but we can improve still further and confident that next year’s results will be even stronger.

Global Network- Synergy

We can fully support you anywhere in the world inbound or outbound. Bringing together the best independently owned relocation companies into a single global supplier network. No one understands relocation companies around the world better than us and sharing this is a passion.

What our clients think

Overall client rating

Question asked was how would you rate our service based on 1-10. 100% rated our service as 8, 9 & 10.

Average from 40 clients

Would our clients recommend us?

Clients were asked how likely would they recommend us to any other client company. 100% rated this question as 8.9 or 10.

Average from 40 clients

Overall assignee rating

Question was asked how would you rate our service based on 1-5. 94% rated our service as outstanding or excellent.

Average based on 2015 results

Overall estate agent rating

Recent survey was completed on whether agents in and around Hertfordshire would recommend working with us based on 1-10. 100% rate us as 9 or 10 (excellent or outstanding).

Survey carried out in spring 2015

What the industry thinks

Reputations take a long time to build and our impression on the relocation industry reflects our continued growth and success. The world’s largest and certainly one of the most important awards are the EMMA’s (Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards) with all judging completed by leading employers and our peers from around Europe and beyond.

To be nominated in the top 10 relocation companies in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, & Africa) is an honour, but as a double award winner as well as Highly Commended and Runner Up, we are extremely grateful for the industries feedback.

  • 2015 - EMMA’s - WINNER
  • 2014 - EMMA’s - WINNER
  • 2012 - EMMA’s - RUNNER UP