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Home Search

Rethought & imagined with world class digital support, regardless of the support requested.

Accompanied (supported by MoveWise)

Not all home searches are the same.

Not only is each assignees requirements different but also the approach to the services provided need to match each person carefully. Imagine having all the core information required for the home search accessible 24/7 on your preferred device with award winning staff supporting you every step of the way. Welcome to the most Award Winning home search solutions supported by our outstanding MoveWise platform!

All the research as well as the home search is provided fully in-house by our highly training staff, boasting industry accreditation such as GMS, MIM and ARLA all supported by an expansive On-Line Area Guide, as well as cutting edge IT systems. Agenda’s are changed in real-time based on required adjustments to the schedule or even requests for alternative housing. Its easy to see that not all home searches and in particular home search companies are not the same.

Self Service

Require a lower cost relocation solution but essential to have the same high quality as an accompanied home search?

When relocating as a ‘Business Traveller’, ‘New Hire’, ‘Graduate’ or anyone on a limited home search package, what is required is a quick solution to locating the new home at a very competitive price point.

Our MoveWise solutions are just that, with nothing else like it in the market place. Bold statement…? Perhaps.

Through one on-line system, our MoveWise system will -

Find them suitable homes

Check the rental contract

Share best practice & locations

Save them money & time

Ensure they move quickly but safely

They choose them homes they wish through our platform from any device they prefer, we book all their appointments, manage their schedules, share a digital itinerary with full GPS, provied a built in offer letter, review their rental contract through the platform and support their moving in process.

Now that is something new…. Be part of the newest solution in the industry. Ask us for more details.

Rental Survival Guide & Digital Home Search (supported by MoveWise)

Relocating to a new country can be both exciting but also full of uncertainly.

Even if the relocation does not allow for relocation support, our Rental Survival Guide is an extremely low cost solution that guides the transferee, whilst supporting the employer through their legal requirements and duty of care to the assignee.

Support is offered through the maze of the local housing requirements that they will face, highlight all their and the landlords legal requirements, guide to rental prices and what they should and shouldn’t pay for; legally correct templates for a range of essential steps, fact sheets on all core subjects, list of quality agents to consider in each area plus access to the amazing on-line area guide. The assignee might be completing their relocation by themselves, but they are not alone.

Looking for a step up but not looking to seriously increase costs?

ICON Relocation are world leaders in providing low cost, home search solutions for those with limited relocation packages. Receive your unique login to MoveWise, complete the questionnaire and housing requirements and state what date and time you would like to view the homes that meet your requirements.

We do the rest and the day before your search, a full agenda will appear in your MoveWise login with route maps, contact details and interact housing details ready for you to visit. It really is as simple as that…!

I only have good things to say about them. They are fantastic. Would I recommend them? Absolutely. In fact they moved me.
M. H. – Regional Vendor Manager, Energy Company
See the difference. Ask for your demo.