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Who are the best selling music artists from each London Borough....

22 August 2014

There is no question that London is one of the great music capitals of the world and web site and  contributor ‘wittybrit’ felt that a map was required highlighting this in more detail. His map shows the artist that ‘comes’ from that borough, or where the band was seen or understood to have been formed and is the biggest selling artist from that borough. Nice and clear then; no not really, plus we’re  not sure how accurate this can be as band members tend to come from so many locations but somehow this still remains fun and interesting and underlines that London is still the best place in the world to enjoy the widest range of music. Perhaps this could play a part on where you might want to live when relocated to London, either way, our overall knowledge of the Capital will ensure you find the right place for the right price to perhaps the right soundtrack. Source -

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