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US travel ban: UK dual nationals not affected says Foreign Office

30 January 2017

The US border clampdown should not affect UK nationals travelling to the US, even if they were born in one of the countries on which restrictions have been placed, officials say.

But new guidance says those with dual nationality travelling from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen could face extra border checks.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson earlier contacted US officials for clarification over the 90-day ban on visa holders from the seven countries ordered by President Trump.

Earlier Mr Johnson tweeted it was “divisive and wrong” to stigmatise people on the basis of nationality. It came after Prime Minister Theresa May came under fire for not condemning the order earlier.

A spokesman for British Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah, who was born in Somalia and lives in the US, said he was “relieved” to learn that the order would not apply to him, but said he “fundamentally disagrees with this incredibly divisive and discriminatory policy”.

He earlier said it was “deeply troubling” that he may have had to tell his children he could not go home.


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