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UK urges EU to publish plans for Britons living in Europe post-Brexit

21 June 2018

The government has called on EU leaders to publish concrete plans to preserve the rights of British citizens living on the continent post-Brexit.

The home secretary, Sajid Javid, said he was concerned that other EU member states have not stated how they are going to support Britons in Europe when the government has advanced plans for a new status for the estimated 3.4 million EU citizens living in the UK.

His concern was welcomed by the leading campaign group, British in Europe. But it added it was the government’s fault that they had been left in limbo.

“As Mary Berry might have said: this display of concern from the British government is a bit late and a bit rich,” said Jane Golding, a British lawyer based in Germany who is chair of British in Europe.

Details of the new ID scheme for EU citizens post-Brexit were due to be unveiled on Thursday morning and Javid said it was “not good enough” that other EU countries were not doing the same.

“Publishing details of how we will administer our settled status scheme shows we are honouring the commitments made towards EU citizens living in the UK.

“But I am concerned that I have not seen any similar plans on how EU member states are going to support British nationals in their countries. This is not good enough and I hope both the European parliament and commission will exert more pressure for them to do this as soon as possible,” he said.


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