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UK tops pay package chart for expats

24 May 2019

Expatriates working in the UK enjoy the highest remuneration packages in the world, according to the latest report from global mobility company ECA International.

ECA’s annual MyExpatriate Market Pay report found that the UK had overtaken Japan to claim top spot in the table, with the average, mid-level expat pay packages in Britain rising by £44,688 to £311,240 ($421,798).

The report compiles data on the cost of overseas assignees’ benefits, salaries and tax treatments in countries around the world. Benefits include the allowance to cover essential costs such as accommodation, international school fees, utilities and transport.

Huge increase in expat pay packages in the UK in 2018

“The value of an average pay package for an expat in the UK saw a huge increase in 2018,” said Oliver Browne, ECA remuneration manager. “The rise was primarily down to a major jump in the cost of benefits that companies provided their overseas workers with, such as rental costs and international school fees.

“As the cost of expat-standard housing and rental prices increased throughout the UK, the value of benefits provided by a company to cover these costs therefore rose significantly by £23,881 on average.”

Switzerland offers highest middle manager salaries

As far as middle managers’ salaries alone were concerned, the highest in Europe were to be found in Switzerland, with an average of £66,940, compared to the UK’s £55,948.

“Swiss salaries are consistently towards the higher end of the scale but so are everyday costs in most Swiss cities,” said Mr Browne. “Despite the higher prices, high salaries in the country mean locals are still well-off compared to their European counterparts. “Furthermore, because of low taxes and a smaller value of benefits needing to be provided by a company, it is still comparatively cheaper to send expat workers to Switzerland compared to the UK.”


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