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UK proposes visa-free travel for European ICTs

13 July 2018

Visa-free travel for European ICTs is expected to continue under current proposals in the UK government’s Brexit White Paper.

The UK government’s White Paper detailing its proposals for a post-Brexit deal with the European Union has confirmed that free movement for EU27 nationals would end.

UK government’s Brexit blueprint

But the document – hailed by Prime Minister Theresa May as the basis for a “principled and pragmatic Brexit” – said visa-free travel would continue for business visitors, holidaymakers and students, and held out the prospect of free movement for intra-company transfers (ICTs) within Europe.

“The government also says visas could play a part in future trade deals, raising alarm bells that Mrs May will do a deal on workers’ access to the UK in order to secure a better trade deal, allowing an important Brexit red line to go rather pink,” reported Sky News. It is unknown how Brussels will react to the British plan, which also calls for social security provisions to enable Britons living in the EU to benefit from pension entitlements and healthcare.


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