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Travel Fares Are Rising By A Whopping 3.5%... Here's How To Get Around It

27 September 2017

In January 2018, travel fares are rising by a staggering 3.5% — the biggest increase we’ve seen in five years.

Londoners can get ahead of the game and freeze 2017 prices by joining CommuterClub, the scheme saving you big money when it comes to commuting.

It may not sound like much, but the 3.5% rise could be equal to paying for an extra two weeks of travel per year. And though it won’t affect pay as you go commuters, anyone with a weekly, monthly or annual travel ticket will have to face the hikes come New Year.

If paying the current 2017 prices next year sounds appealing, now is the time to buy an annual travelcard with CommuterClub. You’ll get the great value of a yearly pass (at today’s lower rates), but pay for it in monthly instalments, and even get a month’s travel free.

An added bonus of this ultimate travel scheme: a Gold Card, offering you a third off National Rail travel and giving you tons of discounts on attractions across London and the UK.

CommuterClub takes the faff out of travel, with no queuing for Oyster top-ups, and no huge upfront costs — the fixed direct debit means no surprise payments, and you can even cancel at any time with no penalties, or advance notice needed. You pay for 11 months and get your 12th month free. And if you’re buying weekly tickets, the savings are even greater — for example if you buy weekly zones 1-4 passes, you could be looking at pocketing up to £461.

If you think this sounds appealing, the deal is about to get even better, as CommuterClub are offering £20 off for Londonist readers until 5 October.


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