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Thousands of expat Barclaycard customers will have accounts closed as credit card giant changes T&Cs in all but 11 countries

25 July 2018

Thousands of expats with Barclaycard will see their accounts closed after a change in terms and conditions at the credit card giant, we can reveal.

This is Money reader Mike contacted us after receiving a letter at his home in Florida, US. He has held a Visa card with the firm for 40 years.

In the letter seen by This is Money, it says in bold font at the top: ‘we need to confirm your UK residential address by 6 August 2018’.

It goes on to state: ‘We realise you’ve had a Barclaycard for some time at your current (non-UK) address.

‘As it’s part of our terms and conditions that customers must have a current UK residential address, we’re sorry to tell you that your account will have to close on 19 September 2018.’

Mike was a Spanish resident between 2004 and 2014 when the changed the address on the account, and notified it again in 2015 when moving to the States.

Mike told This is Money: ‘At first I thought this might be part money laundering requirements to provide proof of address – however, it is nothing to do with that and just an internal change of T&Cs by Barclaycard.

‘Many expats like myself use a sterling credit card when they have moved off-shore to purchase goods from the UK or go for a visit there, in August my card will be cancelled and I’ll have to use my US dollar credit card.

‘There are many expats in the EU who similarly use a UK credit card on visits who will also be prevented from using their card in future and I’m certain they are unaware this is happening.

‘Even worse is that Barclaycard sent an unsolicited email requesting personal details – it’s not clear the email actually came from them and it could be a scam.

‘It isn’t but I’d advise anyone in the same boat to call them.’


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