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The Average British Home is Shrinking

29 July 2014

  In a period of only a decade, UK homes have reduced in size by an average of 2 square meters a report from LV has recently announced.   This may not sound like much of a difference, but this can and does have an impact on families as new homes are now living in a home with the size of a small cloakroom less than a house just 10 years old. This however is not a new outcome, with older housing still offering a far larger living space than newer homes, if you are willing to accept a slightly older design and feel to housing.   The wider question is how does UK housing compare to alternatives around the world?  The answer is that as long as you seen small as beautiful then all’s well with British housing sizes. In fact the UK has one of the smallest housing in the western world and this is underlined by data provided by ‘Shrink that Footprint’.   They have recently pulled together some interesting graphics highlighting the average size of new homes around the world where the figures are in square meters of useable floor space and include data for flats and houses.   The smallest housing remains in Hong Kong which is well known for the small housing solutions at 45 sqm moving up to the largest in Australia at 214 sqm. The largest is not surprising, but the differences within Europe are perhaps of greater note.   For example, the UK housing is relatively small at 76 sqm, with France standing at 112 sqm, Denmark at 137 sqm, Germany at 109 sqm, Spain at 97 sqm and Greece at 126 sqm. Only locations such as Sweden at 83 sqm and Italy at 81 sqm are broadly similar in overall size.   However, for expatriates moving from locations such as the USA (201 sqm) or Canada (181 sqm) the differences to moving to Britain can come as quite a surprise. Clearly these figures are average and differences will take place across the UK, but all major cities will be at the lower end of the scale.   Many modern apartments in particular in the UK often do not have build in wardrobes as well which will be adding to the feeling of reduced space therefore with any moves, it is important to understand the overall space compared to other locations and ensure that planning and removals are in line with expectations.  

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