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Six tips for a successful UK visa application

11 October 2016

Among the most popular countries in the world, the UK with its attractive cities like London, Manchester and Liverpool is presumably quite high on most Indonesians’ travel bucket lists.

Indonesian citizens will need to apply for a UK visa before traveling to the country, which can be done through the British Embassy prior to departure. Fortunately, head of prosperity/economic division of British Embassy in Jakarta Joe Beeley said getting a UK visa was considerably easy. “A UK visa takes 15 working days to be processed and we’ve approved around 96 percent of visa applications,” he told during the Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair 2016 at the Jakarta Convention Center in Senayan, Central Jakarta, on Friday.

UK visas are also applicable for six month, which allows tourists to revisit the country without needing to reapply.

Here are some tips for a smooth UK visa application according to UK Visas and Immigration.

Submit the application early

You can submit the visa application as far as three months prior to your departure date to the UK. A few days prior to Idul Fitri holiday is usually a busy season, make sure to submit the visa application as early as possible if you are planning to spend time in the country.

Know your visa type

There are a few types of visas depending on the trip purpose and length of stay. It is crucial to choose the correct type visa as it will make you understand the dos and don’ts while visiting the country under that specific permit.


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