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Simon Johnston The Fastest Man at Icon

02 March 2015

This month will see Icon Relocation CEO, Simon Johnston, head down, leathers on and eyes fixed to the road, as he powers round the Isle of Man in a homage to the TT Races. A dedicated motorcyclist since his teens, when not leading Icon Relocation to EMEA DSP of the Year 2014 or a fourth consecutive EuRA Quality Seal, Simon can be found tearing along Europe’s roads – recent months have already seen him and his Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 cover the A roads of south west Ireland, Scotland and a cross-Europe trip to Budapest.This March is no different and will see him charging around the Tourist Trophy (TT) 37 and ¾ Mountain Course, with its never-ending bends, stone walls, manhole covers, telegraph poles and 30 metre jumps.The classic TT races run for two weeks, this year between May 30th to June 12th, and have been run on public roads for more than 100 years, with the leading riders completing the Mountain Course in just under 17 minutes.Simon is undoubtedly the fastest man at Icon but even he has no plans to match the 200mph of the professional riders – although if he does he doesn’t plan to tell anyone. He has though promised to film his lap so we’ll post that to the website on his safe return.If like Simon, you’ve the need for Manx speed you can find out more about the TT Races at www.iomtt.comRide safe. 

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