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Preparing children for a global 21st century

28 November 2016

Europe’s first English Chinese Dual Language Early Years and Prep School will open in London early 2017.

Kensington Wade School will open its doors in 2017. Chairman Professor Hugo de Burgh explains how the school can prepare pupils for Common Entrance and also be fluent in Chinese.

Now that so much international business is conducted in Chinese, being able to mix in that world is a precious asset. China is the most important trading partner for more than 120 countries around the world and is set to be the world’s largest economy by 2020. China also happens to be the most advanced in the use of digital media, with more new media users than any other country and more netizens than India and the USA combined.

British ministers such as former Chancellor George Osborne and former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan have been actively encouraging Chinese language teaching in British schools – and 17 per cent of state and 45 per cent of independent schools now have some kind of provision. Many argue that French should be replaced with Chinese as the obligatory foreign language, and that, as an intellectual exercise, it is at least as instructive as Latin, which most English elite schools still teach.


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