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Meet Cleber, our International & Domestic Relocation Coordinator from Brazil

24 October 2016

Cleber Araujo

Cleber is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil and has been living in the UK for 9 years, prior to that Cleber lived in Australia for 6 years.

We asked him how would he define a smooth relocation and if so what advice would he give to future expats relocating to England? A smooth relocation for me is to be able to speak the local language, willing to accept other people’s cultures and customs, and mostly have a work/life balanced. Best advice he would give is to be patient, it takes at least 1 year to adjust to a new country. Try to learn the language before you move, this will make your life easier, if possible stay away from big cities and move to the country where you find the real heart of the English culture.

What made you decide to work for Icon Relocation and what do you enjoy the most? I was offered the job due to my language skills and adaptable and friendly nature! He absolutely loves his colleagues and says that he wouldn’t want to work anywhere else as he truly believes that Icon Relocation take care of their staff and value their clients better than any other Destination Service Provider in the UK.

Cleber is obviously fluent in Portuguese and is an avid biker, it’s a pleasure to have Cleber working with us at Icon Relocation.

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