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Make the most of your Look See trip

22 August 2016

A look-see visit is exactly what it says on the tin; a chance tolook around your prospective new home and see what’s there (and what isn’t!). Someone once said to me ‘you don’t know what you don’t know until you find out’ and honestly, that is so true. You can take virtual tours, read brochures and look at endless images but until you go and look-see for yourself you don’t truly understand what you need to plan for. Not everyone gets an opportunity for a look-see trip. And that’s OK too! Sometimes it may work out better for you to not know; especially if you have no choice in your move.We don’t get a look-see trip as part of our relocation; we don’t even get to choose our house. In our latest posting we were in temporary accommodation for a few weeks and, for once, I had the chance to view my ‘new home’ before moving into it. I chose not to look because I had no choice where I lived, so if I didn’t like the place, it would spoil things and depress me before the final move. Turns out I was right not to look… I have no option, so I have to make the best of it.Your look-see visit should be all about familiarisation; sampling the culture, asking questions, searching out all the local facilities and making connections. There’s a lot to achieve in a relatively small period of time, so I hope this guide will help you to make a fool-proof plan.Taking the children?Take the kids, or not to take the kids – that is the question…Take the kids, or not to take the kids – that is the question… Children can benefit greatly from a pre-move visit to their new home, but there are several things to consider before you rush out and book family tickets. If you take the children with you on your look-see visit, how likely is it that the whole trip will revolve around their needs and wants and the things you need to know will be neglected? If the answer is very likely, then you may want to consider leaving them at home and plan how best to communicate your findings when you get back.Source

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