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Magna Carta Celebrations

15 June 2015

To mark the 800th anniversary, a replica of the Magna Carta will be carried down the Thames lead by a Royal Barge from Hurley to Runnymede in Surrey over two days. It’s not common for us to step away from property matters but celebrating this ancient document and the impact it has had on the UK and much of the world is worthy of a few words. As most will be aware, the Magna Carta, granted by King John on 15th June 1215 established that the King was subject to the law rather than being above it; forthmore that all are equal under the law and that therefore all can be held to account. It was the birth of this document that lead to many of the rights and freedoms we all enjoy today from a fair trial to the current shape of parliamentary democracy. The event will be attended by the Queen, members of the Royal Family and will be taking place this morning.

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