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Female CEOs – Is there equality at the top?

02 November 2016

The gender pay gap is a central issue in the modern business world, but is this disparity present even in the most senior positions? Are women at the top being treated equally? If not, why do they perceive that to be?

Gender equality is an increasingly important topic in today’s business world with a huge growth in interest over the past few years. Conversation about the gender pay gap has risen dramatically with frequent reports that the pay gap remains a key issue. We are seeing more women than ever impacting diversity and equality across the globe by taking on leadership roles. The recent appointment of Theresa May as Prime Minister and Hillary Clinton running in the US presidential election are crucial in terms of influencing the roles of women on the global stage. Does the disparity between men and women reach the most senior levels? Is there really equality at the top? Towergate Insurance asked these questions in regards to female CEOs and looked at the common barriers women face in the business world.

Barriers to female success

51 per cent of women think having a child makes it harder to advance in their career 40 per cent of women believe that being a women directly inhibits their chances of progression 43 per cent of women felt they have fewer opportunities than men in business If women played an identical role global annual GDP could potentially increased by 26% by 2025 The report looks further at the perceptions around gender diversity at the top and questions whether attitudes are changing.


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