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Fancy a walk around London

08 March 2016

Anyone who visits this site will know we all spend too much time enjoying a good map and today is no exception. LOndon has one of the best underground systems in the world, not only is this sizable, but when in the centre of London there are many stations within a short walk, which raises the question of how far long does it take to walk from one station to another? In many occasions it can be quicker to walk than to take the underground but how can this be shared with those new to London. The answer is this excellent map than shows the walking distance between all the underground stations. Not suggesting you walk them all as this may take far too long, but may be helpful to work out when it’s best to take the ‘tube’ and when it might be best to walk.   Whilst the capital is larger than many realise, many stations are almost around the corner from each other. Hope this helps…?

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