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Employers more cautious on hiring post Brexit, survey says

15 August 2016

UK employers have become more cautious about hiring new staff following the vote to leave the EU, a report claims. The proportion of employers expecting to increase staff over the next three months dropped from 40% ahead of the vote to 36% after it, according to a survey by HR body the CIPD and Adecco. It said the fall was “significantly sharper” among private sector firms. “There has been a clear deterioration in hiring intentions… as a result of the Brexit vote,” the report said. The CIPD said the survey’s results suggested post-Brexit economic forecasts of a marked downturn in the labour market next year would be proved right. “While many businesses are treating the immediate post-Brexit period as ‘business as usual’, and hiring intentions overall still remain positive, there are signs that some organisations, particularly in the private sector, are preparing to batten down the hatches,” said CIPD acting chief economist Ian Brinkley. Source

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