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Cambridge tops Ôbest places to work in UK list

14 July 2016

Based on an assessment of hiring opportunities, cost of living and overall job satisfaction, the study looked at cities and towns across the UK to draw up a list of the best 20. And London, the nation’s powerhouse economy, did not figure in this year’s list in the face of mounting appeal from northern cities. Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor, said, “These results are a reminder that although there are more jobs in London and employees are generally pretty satisfied, it is a competitive place to work and an expensive place to live. “Towns and cities such as Nottingham, Leeds and Reading offer decent salaries and job prospects combined with a lower cost of living which means your money will go further, you can save, and still and have a good quality of life. “Cambridge has long had a reputation for one of Britain’s most loved cities, but now it’s emerged as a prime spot for high-tech companies which is clearly having an impact on where people decide to live and work.” Kevin Price, Cambridge City Council’s executive councillor for housing, told the Cambridge News that the study “illustrates once again” the appeal of the city as an exciting and vibrant city to live and work. But he said the report also brought home the disparity between wages and house prices. Source

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