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ACS Hillingdon opens £10 million school science centre

02 October 2017

On 14 September, ACS Hillingdon International School welcomed students, staff, families and guests to the official opening of its £10 million science centre.

The importance of practical experiments in science education

BBC’s Stargazing Live’s Mark Thompson opened the new centre, giving a fascinating introduction to the beauty of the Universe and highlighting the importance of the practical aspects of science education in inspiring the next generation of scientists. During the evening, guests also took part in practical experiments exploring human spaceflight run by the National Space Academy. The school’s new science centre includes seven new laboratories and features a specialist binocular microscope and reflecting telescope among its cutting-edge technology, as well as an electrophoresis unit, which students can use to investigate and visualise DNA.
Students will also benefit from the centre’s enhanced testing capabilities, such as the high quality Vernier temperature probes, allowing them to conduct advanced scientific experiments. New flexible furniture has also been used throughout the labs to facilitate student collaboration and project work.

Encouraging students to study science at university

“It is fabulous to see the new superbly equipped science centre at ACS Hillingdon. The school clearly understands the importance of hands on science and I am excited to see how the students will respond to this amazing new facility,” said Mr Thompson.


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