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London loses out in cost of living rankings thanks to falling pound in the years after Brexit referendum

19 December 2018

London has become one of the cheapest major European cities for overseas workers since the Brexit referendum, according to global mobility research firm ECA International.

As a result, of of the weakened pound since the leave vote, London has slipped from inside the top 50 global cities to 127th place, the company said in its latest cost of living report.

The report, which compares a basket of like-for-like consumer goods such as groceries, meats and vegetables, and essential household goods, said workers coming to London from the US would find the cost of living especially cheap. This is thanks to the strength...

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US bank to switch FX trading from Moscow to London

18 December 2018

The sanctions placed on Russia in 2014 continue to reduce business causing intenational banks and financial services to move to the UK and the EU for a more business friendly environment.

Morgan Stanley is to close its equities and foreign exchange trading desks in Moscow and relocate to London.

Western banks continue to leave Moscow following sanctions on Russia

The Financial Times said that Morgan Stanley had taken the decision because a stagnant Russian economy and sanctions were continuing “to chip away at western investment banks’ business there”.

The report added, “The US bank will relocate its Russian trading businesses to London, eventually resulting...

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Ever-growing UK investment in India, report finds

12 December 2018

Britain is single largest Western investor into India as President Modi’s business reforms make it easier to do business in a country with a huge domestic market, growing middle class and skilled workforce.

An increase in investments in India has made the UK the largest single Western investor in the country, according to a report compiled by Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and Grant Thornton.

The report, ‘India’s Sterling Assets: Britain Meets India’, published on Tuesday, showed that between 2000-18, total foreign direct investment (FDI) flowing into India from all UK sources stood at an estimated $50.57 billion.

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Novartis to move UK headquarters to London

04 December 2018

Novartis is moving its UK headquarters to London, in a multi-million pound investment in UK life sciences, which will be complete by January 2020.

The Swiss drugs giant said it is relocating its UK headquarters to The WestWorks building on the White City Place campus, in a bold move to join London’s latest emerging life sciences cluster.

The WestWorks is home to a number of technology and innovation companies.

The area is emerging to be London’s latest life sciences cluster and is quickly becoming home to a number of pioneering life sciences companies, as well as Imperial College London’s major new research...

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