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Managing the Relocation Implications of ÔBrexitÕ

24 June 2016

The UK has voted to leave the European Union (EU). Yesterday’s referendum resulted in 52% voting to ‘leave’ against 48% who voted to ‘remain’ in the EU.It is believed that it will take at least two years for the formal exit (‘Brexit’) process to be completed, but when this will begin and who will lead negotiations is yet to be determined. There is much speculation over what trade, economic and social model will be adopted by the UK vis-à-vis our relationship with the EU but little fact.From an international relocation perspective, our own view is that in the short term...

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Worlds first cash machine was not in London or New York but in this surprising location

13 June 2016

Cash machines or ATM’s seem to be located on almost every corner in every town in the UK and beyond and therefore it would seem logical to suggest that the first one appeared in the heart of a major financial centre. If this wasn’t the City of London then it must have been New York, Paris or Frankfurt? Right…? Well, no…  The answer though was Enfield to the north of London. The idea was thought up by inventor John Shepherd-Barron, although it should be stated that this is still a matter of dispute. He approached Barclays Bank with the idea...

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London Underground Rent Map

03 June 2016

It’s not often we find a map that reflects directly on the work we do at Icon, but we think we may just have found one with the London Underground Rent Map. Online publisher Thrillist joined forces with London-based property website Find Properly to create a map of the London underground showing the average rental prices for a one-bedroom flat within a kilometre of each underground station. The Map highlights the tremendous disparity in prices across London and even within the same zones, highlighting especially the huge premium paid for property in the more central areas....

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