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How much would you pay for a house only 10 foot wide

09 February 2016

A recent article in AOL Money recently made us consider how much would you pay to live in the ideal location and would you accept living in a home only 10 foot wide…? An East Dulwich home has matched these requirements and sold for £800,000 even though it has only about half the average width of your typical UK home. The location does add quite a bit of value to the home being so close to Peckham Rye Station and has also managed to squeeze two bedrooms, one bathroom a kitchen and an open plan lounge and via bi-fold...

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London underpass is transported into a tourist attraction

08 February 2016

To be honest, most underpasses in the major global cities are rarely something to write home about but some of them in London can be something to almost avoid.The aim is to get you from one side of the road to the other safely and ensuring that you are not trying to cross fast moving traffic or dangerous junctions and from that point of view, they are useful & helpful but not what anyone would call interesting; until now that is…The underpass on Marylebone Road has been totally transported recently and not just because it has been painted red & white stripes throughout, but rather there have...

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Can you beat the London Underground

03 February 2016

It’s not often that we share news that has nothing to do with the housing market or relocating to the UK, but as we all here use the London underground on a very, very regular basis we have to admire the idea, let alone the ability to complete this challenge. This Youtube video is proving to be popular as the reason why is not hard to see. Can you run from Mansion House to Cannon Street station quicker than the underground can get you there….? Much as as all like to think we are fit, this...

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