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UK Rental Prices Keep Rising on Increasing Demand

29 June 2015

New research suggests that rental prices have risen an average of 12.5% across the UK over the past year pushing rents to record levels. Rental prices are rising five times faster than they were only two years ago, when the annual increase was 2.6%.The average rental price across the country is now £935 per month (£738 excluding Greater London) albeit the average rental price for a London property is over double this at £1,506 per month, according to research by HomeLet.Despite the difference in prices inside and outside London, the rate of rise is however reaching a consistent level across...

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Magna Carta Celebrations

15 June 2015

To mark the 800th anniversary, a replica of the Magna Carta will be carried down the Thames lead by a Royal Barge from Hurley to Runnymede in Surrey over two days. It’s not common for us to step away from property matters but celebrating this ancient document and the impact it has had on the UK and much of the world is worthy of a few words. As most will be aware, the Magna Carta, granted by King John on 15th June 1215 established that the King was subject to the law rather than being above it; forthmore...

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