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Looking to own your own Devon Village then we have just the place

29 May 2014

Life seems simpler and better in Bantham. Walk around the wide, sandy bay and all you can hear is the wind, the waves and the sound of children laughing. Or are they property developers? Rumours abound in this remote and beautiful settlement on the South Devon Heritage Coast. The beach and the village have been put up for sale this weekend – lock, stock and tiny shop – for £11.5 million. Some say Russian oligarchs have already been circling overhead in their helicopters, and limousines with blacked-out windows have been seen in the beach car park, although none...

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Rent payments to go on your credit file

29 May 2014

Missing rent payments could cost you a mortgage, loan, credit card or indeed a new tenancy agreement Credit reference agency Experian, one of three such firms that hold information on your payment history, has today announced by late 2012 “several million” people will start to see rent payments on their credit file, which is used by banks and building societies when deciding whether to lend you money. You could even fall foul of a flat mate being late with payment, if you’ve signed a joint tenancy agreement. But by the same token, if you make payments on time,...

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Report highlights shortage of more affordable homes in London

27 May 2014

London needs 50,000 new homes a year and over 80% of that need is for properties costing no more than £700 per square foot, reflecting what Londoners can afford to pay, new research suggests. An increase in the sales rate and planning applications over the past year means that an average of just under 35,000 new homes a year are set to be built over the next five years, up from an estimated 28,000 units a year ago.   This is good news, but in according to a new report from international real estate adviser Savills the shape...

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The 12 Best Relocation Apps

19 May 2014

Let’s face it, there is an app for everything these days but some stand out more than others and there are a good number that we have used and have continued to use. Below is a list of our favourite apps at the moment covering a huge range of subjects? Let us know your favourites and can keep this updated. 1 – Around Me - Free Based on where you are located, this handy app provides you with a range of information on what is close to where you are. Covering banks, bars, coffee shops, hospitals, hotels,...

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Over half UK homes rented by 2032 if current trends continue

16 May 2014

Over half of UK homes will be rented by 2032 for the first time in 60 years if current housing trends go unchecked, according to a new report from the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association. Since 2007 the private rented sector has grown from 14% to 18% of households while owner occupation has dropped from 68% to 64% and social renting has also fallen. This has happened with buy to let mortgages financing just 420,000 or 32% of the additional 1.31million houses in the private rented sector since 2007, with the remainder made up of cash or commercially...

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Tenants warned over fraudster landlords

12 May 2014

Fraudsters operating under the guise of legitimate landlords in some parts of the UK are fleecing hopeful tenants out of huge sums in a range of scams, according to a new report. In some cases, victims hand over deposit money or pay rent up front then find that their ‘landlord’ didn’t own the property and has disappeared, says online lettings agency Lets Rent. In other ploys, tenants fall prey to identity theft after handing over passports and other personal and financial details as part of a ‘reference check’. With home ownership in England falling to its...

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So what is happening in the London rental market

08 May 2014

Much has been stated in the press recently about the state of the UK rental market, but in truth, the focus has all been about London and to a lesser degree the Home Counties. There is good reason for this with house prices increasing at a level that would not have been felt possible only a few years ago. Prices in most parts of London are now higher than they were before the financial crash in 2008 and at present, there is no clear indicator that they are going to slow down any further. In fact it’s almost impossible...

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Should the Bank Of England burst the property bubble

07 May 2014

The Bank of England should invoke new legal powers allowing it to rein in Britain’s booming housing market for the first time, an influential international think tank has said. Would-be housebuyers should have to put down bigger deposits and George Osborne’s Help to Buy scheme should be cut back, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said. The intervention from the OECD comes after senior figures at the Bank identified the housing market as the biggest threat to Britain’s financial stability. Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has also called for new limits on the...

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Property prices in the Capital soar

06 May 2014

Property prices in London have bounced back by more than 40% from the worst days of the credit crunch, new figures show,In April 2009, property values reached their lowest point following the global crash that led to the collapse of financial institutions, bank bailouts and plummeting stock markets. But new research shows how far the recovery has come, Land Registry statistics show that across London, prices have risen 40% on average, from £292,977 at the 2009 nadir to £414,356 now. Kensington and Chelsea is the best performer, with average prices up 76% from an average £703,259 five years ago to...

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