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Arrive and Thrive

The perfect housing solution for companies with regular but interchanging short-term assignee populations? Our clients think so.

The perfect corporate assignment solution

Hotels and serviced accommodation have their strengths but are not cost effective.

Having a housing solution in place to allow all your assignees to arrive and settle into their new location quickly and effectively is; but is also the preferred option for everyone.

Our solution, perfected over many years, which as supporting over 10,000 assignees over this time, all whilst saving our clients time and money is testimony to how successful this continues to be.

The properties are all managed by us, with cleaning and maintenance solutions in place, all payments completed, outstanding software for the client and the assignee and a revolving door arrangement allowing assignees to come and go means this is really is the perfect corporate solution.

Icon performs really well. We literally simply email a request and they sort it. The team is really efficient.
AM – Finance Company

Works for the assignee too

Imagine knowing your long term address before you arrive.

Knowing that the home is clean, kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms all fully equipped; if required, specialist items installed (such as Indian cookware), clear details and maps of the new homes location and knowledge that we will be there to greet you when you arrive.

Relocation can be stressful, we do everything we can to reduce this and allow the relocation to be what it should be; exciting.

Fully supported by technology

Technology is of little value unless is adds quality to everyone’s experience. Our cutting edge solutions ensure this is the outcome. Once in your new home, a link to our Arrive & Thrive Reporting app will be shared. Through a few clicks, any issue relating to your home can be reported 24/7 through your smartphone, tablet or PC. Supported by clear company KPI’s on reporting time lines, your issues will be addressed correctly and on time.

Our MoveWise system tracks every persons arrival, departure, length of stay, address, requirements, correspondence, issues, costs and allows for simple reporting. It also allows for clear visibility on who is living in which property for easy assignment management and maximizing all properties.

If you are interested in either, please let us know; we are keen to show you what it can do…

Why not find out more about our technology?